Hotstar Premium APK – Latest Version for Android [Unlocked] 2021

Are you a cricket-lover, a movie maniac, or both? What if I tell you that you can carry your personal tv anywhere you go? Yes, Hotstar Premium apk has made this true!

Released on 7th January 2015 by Novi Digital, Hotstar has gained a name for itself over the years by entertaining it’s customers to the fullest. In this article, I am going to give you a brief idea of what the Hotstar Premium apk is and the steps to install it on your device.

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What is Hotstar Premium APK all about?

Hotstar Premium apk offers you the opportunity to watch live sports, daily tv shows, and old and new movies on a single app. Hotstar Premium apk has everything that a user may demand. It’s perfect for the whole family, from children to elders there are shows for people of every age group.

For kids, there are cartoon shows and animated movies, for teenagers there are a number of web series and Indian and American tv shows and for the elders, there are sports channels, news channels, and tv serials, etc.

How to install Hotstar Premium APK?

If you have come this far then I assume that you are interested in getting Hotstar Premium apk on your device. So here is your Hotstar Premium apk installation guide!

Below are the many but simple steps on how to install the latest version of Hotstar Premium apk which is Hotstar Premium 11.3.6 apk on your device. The following steps are:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to the search bar and search for the latest version of Hotstar Premium apk.
  3. Click on the appropriate download link.
  4. The Hotstar Premium apk will be downloaded soon.
  5. The apk will then ask for a few permissions on your device.
  6. Check on the permissions needed and allow it if you think that is appropriate and will not intervene in your privacy in any way.
  7. To grant permissions that are asked for, go to settings, then security, and then click on allow installation from unknown sources.
  8. When you get done with all this the game will soon be installed on your device.
  9. Now your latest version Hotstar Premium apk is successfully installed.

If you still face any difficulty in the installation process and working of the apk then I suggest you go through the steps again carefully and I am sure you will be able to install the Hotstar Premium apk successfully on your device.


Original content

Hotstar has the copyright of each and every program or show that is telecasted on it. Other than this Hotstar Premium apk also has it’s Hotstar exclusive shows! The most loved Hotstar Premium exclusive originals are: Hostage, City of Dreams, Special OPS, Roar of the lion, Aarya, Criminal Justice, and many more.

Ad-free content

Advertisements can be very frustrating at times, isn’t it? But don’t worry about advertisements anymore as by using Hotstar Premium apk you will not have to see those boring ads every time you try to watch a movie, web series, or a TV show. Hurry up! Get ad-free by becoming a premium member.

Live sports

Calling all the sports-freaks out there! Hotstar Premium apk can prove to be very beneficial for you. Can’t watch the cricket match between the toughest teams, relaxing on your couch? No worries! Your live tv is always on the go with you!

Tune in to Hotstar Premium apk to enjoy live sports from anywhere at any time!

Language options

Hotstar Premium apk offers tv shows in many languages. Few tv shows are also dubbed in Hindi, English, Tamil, and even Telugu for better understanding. This increases the number of users on the app and makes it more accessible for users from different parts. 

Note: Shows dubbed in English can only be found in the Hotstar Premium apk. 

Hollywood tv shows and movies

On the Hotstar Premium apk you will have access to the latest Hollywood movies, American tv shows and Hostar Original in different languages including English.

Hotstar Premium apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many devices can use Hotstar Premium apk at a time?

There cannot be multiple subscribers using a single account at the same time on different devices. Only one device is allowed to use Hotstar Premium at a time from a single subscription.

Q. Why is Hotstar Premium apk not working?

One major reason why your Hotstar Premium apk might not be working is due to cookies. If you find any glitches while playing a video on Hotstar Premium apk then check whether your browser cookies are enabled or not, if not then turn cookies on.

Another reason for your Hotstar Premium apk not working on your device can be that the subscription has expired. Check your account status by clicking on “My Account”, there you will get to know whether your plan is still active or not.

Q. Why is my Hotstar Premium apk slow?

There can be a bunch of reasons why your Hotstar Premium apk works slow. The reason can be routing, number of hops, last-mile connectivity problem, latency, or inconsistent speed of the internet connection. 

To fix these problems you can restart your device, restart your WiFi router or check your mobile data pack.

Q. How do I clear Hotstar Premium apk cache on my laptop?

It’s very simple to clear your Hotstar Premium apk cache on your laptop. Firstly, go to settings. Then click on apps and find Hotstar Premium apk. After selecting Hotstar Premium apk click on clear cache and clear data option.


At last, the final question that comes to our mind is “whether Hotstar Premium apk is worth it or not?”. Trust me only you are the one who can answer whether Hotstar Premium apk is for you or not. If you still ask me then I would tell you that you must use Hotstar Premium apk. Getting Hotstar Premium apk is a must for everyone if they like to spend their free time watching movies, sports, tv serials, web series, Indian and American tv shows, and many more.

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