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There’s a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that says, “He that can have patience can have what he will”. Patience is a value that everyone must develop in them. I have a fun game for you that you can enjoy playing and develop patience at the same time. Want to know about this amazing game? Keep reading!

Released on the 25th of April in the year 2018, Getting over it has more than a million users all over the world. It was last updated on the 30th of September 2020 and is suitable for children over three years of age.

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What is Getting over it all about?

Getting over it is a hiking game with a very different concept. It develops the skill of patience and teaches us how to overcome failures in life. 

In the game you will play the character of Diogenes. Diogenes has a large hammer and lives in a cauldron you have to use your mouse to put the hammer at the right places in order to make Diogenes climb the massive mountain and finally reach the top. 

In Getting over it you will have to face various obstacles like passing through a bucket, climbing stairs, getting past the devil’s chimney etc. tutorials for which can be found online if you are facing much difficulty and getting through any difficulty. Beware! With every step that makes you a little closer to the top, also increases your chances of falling and start the game all over again.

To know more about the game you should definitely give it a try. Getting over it is a patience-based game and you should not miss out on a game like this.

In this article, we will discuss how to install Getting over it on your PC without any hassle, some key features of Getting over it for PC, and also answered some of the frequently asked questions so that there is no doubt left in your mind.

How to install Getting over it for PC?

If you have come this far then I assume that you are interested in getting Getting over it on your PC.  So here is your Getting over it installation guide!

Below are the many but simple steps on how to install the latest version of Getting over it which is Getting over it 1.9.4 on your PC. The following steps are:

  1. If you don’t have a pre-installed Android emulator on your PC then download one.
  2. BlueStacks is one of the most used and trusted Android emulators, so I suggest you to go for it.
  3. After installing BlueStacks on your PC open the app.
  4. You will find an “installed apps” folder on the home screen of BlueStacks.
  5. Click on the installed apps folder and then go to Google Play Store.
  6. Search for Getting over it in the search bar.
  7. Click on install.
  8. Getting over it will be installed on your PC soon.
  9. After Getting over it has been installed it will appear on the home screen of BlueStacks.
  10. Click on the Getting over it icon and enjoy!

Still, if you face any problem in installation, then go through the steps again, I am sure you will be able to install Getting over it on your device successfully.

Getting over it PC download

Features of Getting over it


Getting over it can easily be downloaded on Android, iOS and Linux. The iOS version of Getting over it was released on 6th December 2017, its Android version was released on 25th April 2018 and there is a beta version for Linux that was first available in the month of August in 2018.

So whichever software you have don’t worry as you can play your game on any software without any hassle.

Voice-over commentary

Who does not like a commentary while doing something to motivate them? The on-going commentary by Bennett Foddy makes the game very engaging and you won’t be bored while playing the game. The commentary feels so real that it looks like Bennett Foddy is sitting and doing live commentary exclusively for you!

The commentary by Bennett Foddy is done in such a way that it not only appreciates you when you get through an obstacle but also lists quotes and saying related to disappointment when you fail a certain task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Getting over it hardest game in the world?

Yes, Getting over it is one of the hardest games in the world. People find this game hard not only because of its design but also because this game tests your patience level very well.

Q. Can you save in Getting over it?

Yes, you can save in Getting over it whenever you want to. Although there are no checkpoints that are initially designed for players in the game but they can save the game and play again from where they left last.

Q. Is Getting over it multiplayer?

No, Getting over it is not a multiplayer game. Although there are many other games by Bennett Foddy which you can enjoy playing with your friends and family.

Q. What happens when you finish Getting over it?

When you finally reach the top of the mountain overcoming all challenges then a message pops up asking whether you are recording your game or not. If your say that you are not recording then you are given access to a chatroom which you can wish if you join. This chat room has all the players who have completed the game earlier.


There are definitely millions of games available on the internet so this question might arise in your mind as to why should you play Getting over it? A simple answer to this question is that this simple game develops the noble lkill of patience in you. Bennett Foddy has found out a fun and engaging way for you to learn important life skills and become a better person.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t have patience for playing this patience-based game! Hurry up and install Getting over it on your PC now! Best of luck!

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