Free Fire for PC Without BlueStack – Complete Latest Guide 2021

No doubt playing games on a smartphone is more convenient in comparison with a PC or a laptop as smartphones are remote and can be carried anywhere but everyone will agree that the game playing experience that we get from playing a game on a PC is incomparable to any other mode. Earlier we used to play games on PC but now, after the launch of android smartphones, the picture has totally changed. The gaming industry went to the next heights as their income increased. Android made games more affordable to people as it was cheap in price but because of its huge reach and customer base, it also increased the income of the gaming industry which initiated the launch of A-class games on this platform and left behind PC gaming.

Along with a lot of benefits, the cons were low gaming experience due to small screens of android smartphones and lesser number of control buttons. Fortunately, the software companies have launched a lot of emulators which if installed will help you play these android games on your PC or Laptop thus giving you the ability to play A class android games and have the best gaming experience similar to the PC games.

All about Free Fire for PC Without BlueStack

Today we will be discussing about Free Fire, a survival shooter game that is among top survival games on Playstore. This game is very popular in India especially after the ban of Chinese apps which included few shooting survival games also.

As with all android games you can not play this game on a PC or a Laptop without the help of an emulator. An emulator is a software that helps to play the games and apps which are available on the android platform on PC. There are only two ways a person can play android games on PC or Laptop, one is that there must be a PC version of that game to be played, and second is through an emulator software.

In the case of free fire there is no PC version of the game so we have to follow the second way only i.e. taking the help of an emulator software.

There are various free emulator software available on the internet which can be downloaded and used for playing Free Fire or not Play Store games. You can go and search for these software and download any of them which suits your requirement.

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Free Fire for PC

Steps to Install the Emulator Along With Free Fire game

The one which you can consider is MEmu Play. The steps to install this emulator on your PC or Laptop are as follows.

Step one

 Search for Free MEmu Play download on Google.

Step two

Click on any of the link which seems appropriate and trusted one.

Step three

After landing on the download page read the description and check whether it matches your requirements or not.

Step four

Click on the download button and click on allow if any permission is required from another side only after reading and confirming that the permission is genuine.

Step five

The download status will be shown on the status bar of your browser and as it completes it will prompt for the permission to run the software program on your PC.

Step six

If you don’t get a prompt for running the Program then you need to search for the software file in the source folder and from there you need to click on the run button by right-clicking on the .exe file of the EMeu software.

Step seven

After step six you need to click on the install button and allow for permissions if asked.

Step eight

Now you need to click on the launch button in order to start EMeu Play.

Step nine

This step involves login to play store using your G-mail id.

You may have to authenticate yourself that you are the owner of that mail id.

Step ten

For playing Free Fire you have to search for Free Fire on play store and click on install.

Features of Free Fire

Realistic and smooth graphics – The graphic of the game are smooth and realistic. As the game is not too big in size so it plays quite smooth even on low-end devices

Various options under squads – The survival mode is 10 mins long and you can select either 4 or 2 players. You can even play alone if you want.

Training Mode – you even get a training mode which is very important for updating your manual skills that to even without affecting your rankings.

Truly surviving and shooting game – With start of the game you have to start shooting everyone. First, you have to collect energy, health kit, survival armors, guns and other essential things which are important for survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What transaction can be made in the game?

We can purchase different characters, tools, guns etc for diamonds that we earn by playing the game and we can even buy these gold for real world currency.

Q. Can we play Free Fire with our friends?

Yes, this is what Free Fire is mainly made for that you play real survival game with your friends all around the world online. It gives an opportunity to strengthen your bonding with your friends.

Q. Who do we connect with our friends?

As you join the game for the first time, you are provided a unique id that can be used by your friends to search for you and find your friends in the game.

Q. Does this game promote violence?

As it is a shooting game so somehow it surely promotes violence but it all depends on the maturity of the players. Kids and teens must be kept under observation while playing this game.


It is not that hard as it seems to play Free Fire on your PC or Laptop and have a great gaming experience. No doubt you have to do a bit of research but that’s only for once and is worth it in comparison to the quality and fun of the game. You have to have a bit of knowledge of emulation software’s in order to play it on a PC or Laptop. Emulation softwares are of different sizes having different features which needs to be selected on the basis of your requirement and specs of your computer or laptop.

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